Concepts and Branding

Here are Two real life examples of concept development into a fully formed recognisable brand. Or applying a facelift to an already existing brand.

The Croc Magazine (Egypt)

a case study


From its conception in 1998, the Croc Magazine/Guide, or "the Big Croc" as it has been inflectionally called, lived in many of Cairo's residents as well as visitors, as the goto entertainment and culture guide.

I designed the charterer after a few brainstorming sessions with the then team of two, it did evolve/grew over the years, and so did the talented team that worked on it.


And then gave birth to:

Gringo Café (Brazil)..

a case study


Gringo Café was already a well established brand in Rio de Janeiro, when I met owner Sam Flowers. The brief focused on giving Gringo brand image a facelift "I still want it to be fun" Sam requested.

The theme was 60s and 70s diner culture in California, "in a way that the Brazilian client could still relate to".


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